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hummingbird trio luminary 4

$ 36.00

 Three iridescent ruby-throated hummingbirds surround the luminary.  Blue blends to lavender and periwinkle.  When the luminary is lit the cutout shapes cause the light patterns to cast lovely patterns on the adjacent surfaces.  

Starrylights are handcrafted ceramic luminaries. Each two piece candle holder is a work of art designed and handmade by the artist, Beth Berggren. A colorful decorative accent by day, the luminaries come alive in the dark. The hole patterns, hand cut into the wet clay as each luminary is created, are not randomly scattered, but are planned and cut to cast enchanting light patterns when the included tealight is lit.

These candleholders can be used indoors and are also weather tolerant for outdoor use. Perfect for the deck or patio, the flame is sheltered from the breezes. These luminaries will not get excessively hot (as metal or glazed candleholder may).

Starrylight Luminaries make a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

 note: lit luminary photos may not be of the exact luminary but are representative

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