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    Starrylight products are handcrafted works of art by me, Beth Berggren. I love designing and making each individual piece. From the whimsical to more sophisticated designs, each piece from Starrylights Studio is a unique creation. There is a design to complement or accent any decor.

    Designs shown on this site will change frequently, and the Starrylight Luminaries, LightWaves and Nightlights shown now may not be available tomorrow. Be sure to check back often for new designs and new color combinations in each collection! (You can see more product examples on my Starrylights FaceBook page.)

    How They're Made

    Starrylight Luminaries are formed from terra cotta clay pressed into my original mold, creating a two piece candleholder. The top is hand drawn with a knife and incised with custom made tools while the clay is still wet. When the clay firms up, holes are carefully cut into the luminary to complement the design and create the light patterns. After cleaning and firing, each luminary is airbrushed and finished with painting by hand.

    Each luminary has a base formed to securely hold the tealight candle. Fire wary people often choose to use a battery-operated tealight in place of a candle in the starrylight luminaries.

    LightWave Candle Sculptures are hand built of terra cotta clay. Each modular unit has three or four candle holders set at different heights into an upright, wavey support base. That base is textured, and the entire candle holder fired, then glazed in a glossy black and fired again. The inside of each candle cup is airbrushed in vibrant acrylic paint colors and should only be used with tealight candles.

    Lightwaves are most dramatic in grouping...begin your collection!

    Electric Nightlights are made of clay. As with the luminaries, they are hand incised and carved to create interesting effects when lit, then hand painted to fit in with a variety of home decors. There are three distinct styles of nightlight available.

    A full round plug in night light will cast light patterns on the adjacent wall, and a half round plug in night light will wash the wall behind it in light.

    The starlight lamps are a larger, two piece night lamp. They are lit with a switched electrical cord fitted with a 7 watt bulb and are designed to stand on a flat surface.