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Half round night light, red frogs on a green background

$ 32.00

Sometimes, candle light or fire is just not an option. Nightlights can be the perfect accent, and a safetly device in a nursery or bedroom, dark hallway, staircase...anywhere a little extra light is helpful or friendly!  

These half round night lights are made of terra cotta clay.  Each one is designed to show interesting light patterns when they are lit.  They are set away from the outlet.   Unless the outlet is in a corner, they generally do not cast light patterns on the wall.   They will wash the wall behind the fixture with light, and provide fair amount of light in a dark room. 

The ceramic portion of the night-light is three inches high and 4.25 inches across.

There is only one of this design available.

Designs shown on this site will change frequently, and the products shown now may not be available tomorrow. Be sure to check back often for new designs and new color combinations in each collection!

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